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Top quality giclee prints of my artwork & originals.


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Hi there, I have been painting for over 25 yrs on and off. Art has been a therapy for me through rough times in my life, it takes me out of myself and occupies my mind. I am always pleased if I am lucky enough to sell a piece of art and grateful too. Nowadays I have started to do art on the iPad with various apps, I have created some striking digital visual images, I hope you agree. My digital art is printed on good quality giclee paper, usually in a large format 30X40 inches. If interested in purchasing an artwork please text/telephone me at 07543723523 or email me at ; 

Click on the photos for larger image.

Birds giclee print £199

Wordsworth's cottage lake Windermere, giclee print £199

By the sea, giclee print £199

Butterfly boy George giclee print £199

Tree tunnel, giclee print £199

Game of life giclee print, £199

Poppies giclee print £199

Crossroads, giclee print, £199

Vibrant trees, giclee print £199

Crossroads 2, giclee print £199

Routes, giclee print £199

Africa giclee print, £199

Flamingo, giclee print, £199

Trans giclee print, £199

Vanity giclee print, £199

Boy George original acrylic artwork, 30 X 40 inches, framed, £399

Game of life 2, giclee print, £199

Enchanted forest, giclee print, £199

Manly, giclee print £199

Balance, giclee print, £199

Mosaic, giclee print, £199

Summer, original impasto artwork on a box canvas, 30 X 24 inches, framed, £200

Water, original acrylic, 18 X 24 inches, framed, £150

Wild flowers, original action artwork, 48 X 60 inches, on loose canvas Unframed, £200

Large 30 X 40 inch giclee prints on good quality giclee paper, £199. Also various other sizes available, contact me for quote. Large glossy photo prints, £125. All prints and originals are signed by the artist and come with a certificate of authenticity.


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